David & Athayde Advogados

Continuous investment in training

Adaptation to the customer’s needs; Ethics and Professional Management. These are the main pillars that guided the foundation of David & Athayde Law Firm, a modern and dynamic law firm, focused on corporate legal advice, in preventive and litigation forms throughout the country.

Formed by a harmonious group of lawyers, previously associated for several years, the law firm David & Athayde is inspired by a common philosophy and model of professional performance, via the academic qualification of its members and with the purpose of offering a high quality service to your customers.

Our talent management plan aims to attract qualified professionals interested in pursuing a career in an expanding firm, enabling the professional and personal evolution of its members.

The culture that permeated the creation of the firm allows for the transmission of ethical values ​​and standards of excellence to all members of David & Athayde law firm. In this way, it is possible to provide referrals that add value to our customers, always seeking their satisfaction and loyalty.

David & Athayde Law Firm’s Commitment is to be a source of solutions and legal security for our clients’ day-to-day operations, all with commitment, knowledge of the business, efficiency and quality.


To be a source of legal certainty and a provider of solutions for our clients' activities.


Create the best environment for career development, be a reference in their areas of expertise, thus generating reciprocal benefits between employees and customers.


Ethics: Transparency and alignment between office and client expectations.

Institutional Credibility: We strive for the firm itself to inspire confidence, surpassing the individuality of its members. The Institution precedes its collaborators.

Pro-activity and Teamwork: We always take the initiative in our activities. We work as a team, helping each other.

Management and technology: Continuous investment in adapting innovative procedures for greater organizational efficiency.

Meritocracy: Results measured in objective performance evaluations.

Intellectual development: Search for constant updating and commitment to the excellence of legal practice