Compliance & Ethics

A new era was created with the enactment of Law no. 12.846/13, the Anti-Corruption Act, which increased the possibility of civil and administrative liability of legal entities, subject to penalties that can cause financial and reputation damages and even lead to compulsory dissolution of the company.

The Anti-Corruption Act and the Decree no.8,420/15 bring a series of preventive measures able to avoid or mitigate the liabilities mentioned above, such as the adoption of a Compliance Program.

To comply with the national legislation as well as international provisions such as the FCPA and UK Bribery Act, David & Athayde Advogados has an interdisciplinary team of professionals and consultants able to provide all solutions available, updated to the state-of-the-art in terms of Corporate Compliance and Ethics.

Among the services that we are able to provide, we highlight the development of a tailor-made Compliance Program, that meets all legal requirements, as well as, the provision of training, investigations and risk diagnosis, due diligences, and other activities in order to internalize compliance policies and ensure the  program efficiency.

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