Data Protection and Privacy

In the digital economy era, personal data is considered a valuable asset.
Furthermore, they are responsible for leveraging new business models.
Therefore, to reconcile economic development, which is increasingly linked to the use of personal information, and respect for individual fundamental rights, such as privacy, rules related to the processing of personal data have arisen worldwide.
  • In Brazil, Law No. 13,709/18, known as the General Data Protection Act (known as its acronym in Portuguese “LGPD”), sets limits and good practices for processing personal data. All organizations are subject regardless of their sector of operation or their economic size.
  • Besides LGPD, the topic of Privacy and Data Protection is regulated by other general and sectorial rules, such as the Civil Code (Law No. 10,406/02), the Civil Rights Framework for the Internet (Law No. 12,965/14), the Consumer Defense Code (Law No. 8,078/90), the Access to Information Act (Law No. 12.527/11), Central Bank Regulations, SUSEP, ANATEL, and so forth.
  • The adequacy of the activities of the organizations to the applicable set of rules requires a tailored structuring of procedures, which the multidisciplinary team of professionals at David & Athayde Advogados is qualified to provide.
  • Among the services we can offer, we highlight the implementation of an LGPD legal compliance program, which includes, for instance: verification of legal and regulatory compliance, update of privacy and personal data protection regulations, elaboration of digital platforms’ terms of use; consultancy on contracts related to international sharing and transfer of personal data, a management strategy for requests from data subjects; incident response plans and team training, as well as the support concerning litigation involving demands proposed by data subjects or public authorities.

To learn more about LGPD and our services, please access our General Data Protection Law Guide (Portuguese only).

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